Beginner Workshop- January Session with Angela

Are you ready to fall into the fall with yoga? Maybe you have heard people talking about yoga and how great they feel, but are feeling a little unsure about what to expect? Join our beginner series workshop with our very own, Angela, who is one of our 200-hour certified yoga instructors. With a fresh mind and positive attitude, we will focus on the fundamental poses of yoga and breathing exercises.

This two part workshop will teach you the basic poses, modifications of each poses, and beginner sequences to prepare you for your yoga journey. This will be a very gentle exercise for all fitness levels, for beginners and also advanced students who want to brush up on their yoga alignment.

As a group, we will go over the benefits of yoga, ways to improve your yoga practice, and how to integrate yoga into your life.
Contact us if you are interested in this beginner series. Space is limited.
Cost is $30.

Sunday, January 26th (5-6:30PM)
Thursday, January 30th 6:30-8PM



Hot Detox w/ Kela (Friday, January 31st, 6:00-7:30pm)

This workshop is 90 minutes of sweating and detoxifying the body! We are adding the heat, twists, sun salutations, strengthening, and breath work to detox the body and sweat the toxins.

Be prepared to sweat and work the body. Drink plenty of water before, during and after. A great way to reset your body after the holidays!

$15. Space is limited. Cannot use your class passes for this workshop.

*Starting Monday, May 14th 5:30-6:15pm*

Backwards Bootcamp is back!!! Shawn & Beth are ready to kick off your summer workout with innovative ways to work out. We will start Bootcamp on May 14th and run it to the end of September.

Class Passes are available to purchase online & are non-transferable to other classes at the studio once Bootcamp ends. Please sign in online ahead of time using the MindBody app or website to save your spot! (This fills up FAST)

Drop-in rate: $10
5 Class Pass: $35

Mondays: 5:30-6:15 with Beth
Wednesdays: 5:30-6:15 with Shawn
Saturdays: 830-915AM with Shawn

ThuDate: 5/17/2018From: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Explore the powerful impact yoga can have on our mood with Diane Hudson. During this 2 hour workshop, we will be discussing and practicing yogic strategies that will help manage mood imbalances such as depression, anxiety, guilt and shame.
 Investment: $25
ThuDate: 5/31/2018From: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
We would like to invite you to kick off our Blessing Box with a FREE donation based yoga class at the studio. This class will (hopefully) be held outside and is welcome to ALL levels. If the class is not held outside, it will be a non-hot class in the studio.
This class is based on donations to the Blessing Box, which could include canned food, school supplies, or anything listed on our facebook regarding the Blessing Box. Not sure what to bring? We are taking monetary donations and will shop for you!
Please register ahead.


Backwards Brews at Tuggers with Kela

Sunday, June 3rd 9:00am-11:00am

Join our community yoga event “Backwards Brews” hosted this month by Tuggers in Port Byron. Bring your mat & enjoy a fun yoga flow while sipping on your favorite beverage! Cost is $10.

*no food or drink included with class price


Backwards Brews at Donahue Sportsman’s Club with Kela

Sunday, June 10th 2:30pm-4:30pm

Join us for our monthly community event with “Backwards Brews”. This month we will be hosted by the Donahue Sportsmens Club. They will have their concession stand open to purchase any food or drinks for us as well. Bring your mat- cost is $10.


Backwards Brews at Go Fish with Kela

Sunday, July 1st 9:00am-11:00am

Join our monthly community event hosted this time around by Go Fish!! Bring your mat and enjoy a fun yoga flow while sipping your favorite beverage. We’ll be right along the river with food available to purchase. Cost is $10.

*no food or drink included with class price


Backwards Brews at The Depot with Kela

Sunday, July 8th 3:00-5:00pm

Join our monthly community event hosted this time around by The Depot!! Bring your mat and enjoy a fun yoga flow while sipping your favorite beverage. Cost is $10 per person.

*no food or drink included with class price. Please say that you are “Going” on our Facebook event or Register as unpaid on our MindBody app. This is a CASH only event. You can pay at the door on the day of the event.

-Back to the Basics Workshop-

It’s time to unroll your mat! This workshop is a 2 part series focusing on the basic yoga poses. We will go in-depth with alignment, breath and movement. There will be open discussion throughout both workshops.

Part 1 will cover the following:
Sun Salutations A
Standing Poses such as Warrior 1-3, Reverse Warrior, and Side Angle
Seated Poses

Part 2 will cover the following:
Sun Salutations B
Standing Balance Poses such as Tree, Dancer, Half Moon

-Chaturanga 101-

Yes, Chaturanga Dandasana – that pose you love to hate. Can’t seem to complete get it right? Perfect! Here is a workshop for you! Since this is a challenging pose, yogis love to rush through it without actually thinking (or breathing) through our alignment because we just want to move to the next pose.

In this workshop, we will slow things down and focus on alignment. We will work through the correct alignment and breathing techniques to help you through this pose. We will be given some warm-up exercises and poses to build the strength we need for Chaturanga. You will leave this workshop with the confidence and strength of those Chaturangas!


-Essential Oils 101-

If you are new on a health journey, curious about essential oils, or are unsure of what to do with the essential oils that you have, come to this free class! We will discuss the uses of oils for your health and in your household. We will also be sampling a few and discussing ways to use them.

This class is free but please register in advance on our MindBody website so we can prepare. Wear comfortable clothes as we will be on our mats in gentle yoga positions.


-Backbending w/ Clarissa-

If you are new on a health journey, curious about essential oils, or are unsure of what to do with the essential oils that you have, come to this free class! We will discuss the uses of oils for your health and in your household. We will also be sampling a few and discussing ways to use them.

This class is free but please register in advance on our MindBody website so we can prepare. Wear comfortable clothes as we will be on our mats in gentle yoga positions.


-Mobility & Movement w/ Clarissa-

In this workshop version of Clarissa’s athletic mobility program you will develop a strong foundation of tools to help you regain and improve your mobility! Life doesn’t stop moving simply because you are in pain. Chances are your life has you constantly moving and the effects of sedentary jobs, over-training, injury, and life in general decreases your ability to move dynamically. That is, unless you take the time to create new patterns of movement in the body.

We will use a combination of foam rolling, yoga, gymnastics stretching, and functional movement can help you reclaim your full range of motion and move through your busy life pain free. In this workshop you will be guided through different drills you can start incorporating before or after your workout to get the most out of each session.

This program is perfect for athletes of all kinds, people looking to regain their range of motion, and anyone interested in improving their fitness!


-Prenatal Partner Poses-

This workshop is for couples to learn partner yoga poses and unique ways to connect to each other and baby. These poses will help with pregnancy discomforts, assist with birth, and connect partners to each other and baby. You will be able to take these poses home with you and practice on your own.

All levels welcome. No previous yoga experience required. All trimesters welcome.

Please register in advance. All mommas that attend will receive an essential oil roll on!


-Arm Balance/Inversion-

Lots of people have been asking about this workshop so here it is! Have you been practicing and practicing but can’t get that crow just right? Or have you been working on using the wall to come up into a headstand?!? Well, here is a workshop that might help you become more comfortable coming into these more difficult poses. We will be starting with a warm-up flow, a few sequences to get us warmed up and then will transition into a few arm balances and then going over basic headstands. We will be using the wall for a lot of these poses to be more careful and comfortable coming into these. Lots of playing time in this workshop. Even if you think you are “not there yet” we will help you come into these with the help of props!


-Sun Salutations-

This 4-week course will focus on the Sun Salutations and poses to build your personal practice based on the Sun Salutations. Not sure what a Sun Salutation is? Then this course is perfect for you! Can’t make all of them? Drop in to any of the them when you have time! This is great for beginners or advanced yogis!

Sun Salutation is a series of poses performed in a sequence to create a flow of movement using your breath. You will see these in most of the yoga classes at Backwards Yoga, or different versions of them. Each breath coordinates with your breathing. These are used to warm up the body to build heat from within.

Over the first week, we will discuss the importance and reason behind the Sun Salutations. We will cover breath with movement exercises. Starting with breath work and gentle movement together. Topics covered: Breathing in yoga – when do you inhale versus exhale? How the breath will increase your practice. Importance of length in the spine, fold variations (standing/sitting).

The second week will dive a little deeper into learning downward facing dog pose. Learning how to build strength for this pose, avoiding wrist pain, and ways to strengthen the shoulder muscles and release the hamstrings.

The third week will be a recap of the first two weeks. Advancing with more breath work. The focus on this class will be back bends. Starting slow and low to the ground, and working your way up. Learning how to listen to your body and avoid low back pain.

The last week we will show progression of our practice. Feeling the difference between each week and seeing how we feel. The last week’s focus will be chaturanga (low plank) and moving through the Sun Salutations. We will go over tricks to increase arm and core strength.


-Fluid Workshop & Journey to Strength w/ Jordi-

Fluid Workshop :
Fluid is a vinyasa / movement based workshop focused around continuous motion. We will step away from “poses” and learn more about the transition process that keeps everything flowing with the most strength and ease – simultaneously. We will practice with the idea that we are either moving in or moving out with no space for mindlessness in uncomfortable places. We will learn how to linger where it feels good and how to take that calm action into our stronger transitions / poses. Healthy alternatives for every level.

Journey To Strength :
The Journey to Strength Workshop is based around using the fundamentals from “Fluid” to build functional strength and body awareness for arm balances, inversions, back bends and all movements requiring a stronger foundation. In this all-level friendly practice, we will learn to use both the push and pull rhythms of our body to find our strongest center of gravity. Whether you’re looking to find ease into crow, feel more stable in chaturanga or float into a steady handstand, this class is for you. Healthy alternatives for anyone ready to play!

About Jordi:
Jordi began her movement practice with dance at the age of two. She continued to evolve as a movement artist through dance until she graduated at 16 and took her passions to study at Iowa State University. She was introduced to mandatory yoga classes while getting her minor in dance. She instantly fell in love with the the similarities between the two and went on to get her certification under Manuel Velazquez. When you take one of Jordi’s classes, be ready to leave all stagnant movement behind and flow right into some funky twists on the traditional vinyasa. Her use of juicy heart openers and hip sways will keep you feeling supported yet free to vibrate on your own frequency.

POUND at Backwards Yoga

Sweat. Sculpt. Rock.

Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.
Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities.


-YIN THAI Workshop w/ Sarah-

This is not your typical yin class! The class still offers the traditional long yin holds, but with an allowed freedom to move and make the breath connection. This gives the student a sense of ownership of their practice. Throughout the class Sarah and Kela walk around giving hands on adjustments and yummy Thai Massage assists. These assists help you deepen your body awareness and facilitates you in getting deeper into the Asanas, as well as understand where you are opening and why. The Thai Massage helps loosen up tight muscles and relax your body at the same time. When you leave a yin class by Sarah and Kela you feel ready to face whatever life throws your way.

Our guest instructor, Sarah, originally found yoga in a small town of Iowa, but it wasn’t until moving to California did the love affair with yoga truly blossom. Starting a more regular practice about 3 years ago, Sarah loves the mind, body, spirit connection that yoga brings her. Taking a flow class is a great workout for the body, but it also encourages a meditative state of mind, focusing on connecting breath to each movement, and allows for a process of letting go of everyday worries to be present in the moment. This is what she loves about yoga and what brings her to the mat each day. Sarah is currently working towards her Master’s Degree at Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is also an intern in the school’s clinic practicing acupuncture, cupping, and other healing modalities. To add to the element of bodywork, she is certified in Traditional Thai Massage from the Watpo School in Thailand, and gives yummy massages to students during yin yoga classes. It is safe to say that through her journey with yoga, Sarah has found her true path in life as a healer, and strives to do all things with love and compassion in hopes to spread that around the world.


TurboKick with Jess
with Jess

Turbo Kick combines traditional kickboxing moves with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for an unbelievable calorie burn. We’ll have a blast getting into knockout shape—learning hard-hitting combos and edgy dance moves while torching fat and carving lean, sexy muscle in the most empowering class you’ve ever taken!We incorporate real kickboxing moves with proper form and technique to get totally sculpted—no bags or gloves necessary.


Yoga Core: Developing Stability and Strength
 with Kela

Yoga Core: Developing Stability and StrengthBy learning and applying principles of core strength and stability to a yoga practice, common injuries are not only avoided but the stage is set for deepening yoga postures from a place of strength and balance. The roots of many common limitations and injuries in yoga (sore backs, shoulders, hips) often come from a lack of awareness and ability to properly engage core muscle groups.

This workshop will include a review of the anatomy of the “core” (including abdominal and back muscles); practice, theory and discussion of core stabilization/strengthening techniques; and a flow of yoga postures to incorporate into your practice.

Buti Yoga 

Buti yoga is a trademarked style of yoga that combines jump training (plyometrics), tribal dancing and dynamic yoga asanas into an intense workout. In Marathi, the language spoken in parts of western India, buti means “a secret remedy or cure.” This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance plus body sculpting primal movement.

Kids Yoga (with adult) Ages 3-6 & Ages 7+ Classes
with Holly & Tracy

Kids yoga is a fun-filled yoga experience specifically designed for kids! Classes will help develop physical strength and flexibility, concentration, focus and attention, inner strength and body awareness, confidence and self-esteem, relaxation and self-control, and feeling of well-being and respect for others.Parent/Adult must be present with child. Ages 7 and up.


Kids Yoga Camp with Holly

Join us for our Kids Yoga Camp! This is for ages 7 and up, with or without a parent or guardian. If you plan on bringing a younger child, please contact the studio.

Keep your kids busy, active, & mindful during summer break with yoga camp at the studio!


Chair Yoga Workshop
with Angela

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that allows us to incorporate the benefits of practice into our harder to reach areas of life. This might be something we to utilize at work, while driving, as a simple home practice, as physical therapy, and even as we age. We will incorporate yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditations while sitting in chairs, as well as using the chair to support us during standing postures. Experience a new way to work on strength & flexibility while gaining deeper body awareness- anywhere!