I have to tell you guys I was a little nervous going into my first Turbokick class the other night at Backwards.  I didn’t know the instructor and I also didn’t know what “turbokick” entailed.  Walking into the studio it was FILLED with energy and a bunch of women who also didn’t know what they were doing… *sigh of relief*.  Our instructor Jess walked in who was all smiles and had so much energy- we were ready.  The class started with some pop music and basic punches, hits, and kicks… there were some skiing arms movements, running man move, and jumping jacks for good measure.


There’s not much I can say about the class other than it was totally out of my comfort zone and it rocked!  I didn’t know what I was doing but it was just as much fun (and a workout!) fumbling through as it was if I was a seasoned vet.  We’ve got some more of Jess’ classes coming up at the studio- like Buti Yoga (like tribal dance… it sounds amazing) and I can’t wait to let her take me from my safe comfort zone again!  Its a huge change from the calm of a yoga class, but sometimes you’ve got to let your wild side take over- where better to do that on a Friday night than Backwards Yoga?!


Namaste, Angela

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