Taking a yoga workshop?! What to expect.

By May 6, 2019 November 24th, 2020 Life Inspiration from a Yogi

One of my FAVORITE things to do is take a couple hours on a weekend or week night to find a yoga workshop.  This might require traveling to places like Iowa City, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Chicago, etc. but its always SO fulfilling!!  Working with different yoga teachers has taught me a lot about my practice and has gotten me out of the rut that I as a yoga teacher am totally guilty of creating- those same go-to poses/flows/sequences.  As much as I try to make every class unique, sometimes it is SO refreshing to hear someone who believes something totally DIFFERENT about the practice than I’ve ever even considered.


Back in March I road tripped with two of my fellow teachers up to Chicago to take a class with Ali Brashler & a workshop with Bradshaw Wish.  We were blown AWAY by how much our practices were forever changed just by that total three-hours of a new experience.  Ali’s class felt like taking in an entire workshop in 60 minutes.  I’m telling you… this class wasn’t even heated yet we were all drenched in sweat & feeling amazing.  All three of us have practiced with some of the most well-known teachers in the world, and felt that these two should be right up there with them.


We are SO lucky to have Ali Brashler coming to our neck of the woods (quite literally) with the Backwoods Yoga Retreat!  She will be teaching two workshops that you can enjoy whether you’re on the day pass or weekend experience.  The first one is a yoga flow class (Ali is the QUEEN of unique sequences that help you get into poses & get more out of poses than you ever thought possible) called “Ohm. M. G.” that is meant for all levels of yogis- yes, even if you’ve never done yoga before the retreat!!  Her second workshop will cover different arm balances & end with some tips for inversions.  We are SO excited to have her insight & knowledge at the yoga retreat- and did we mention she’s hilarious too?!  You guys are going to LOVE being around her energy & learning from her for the day… or weekend!


Have you signed up yet?  Go to our Retreat page here on the website to get registered!