Have you ever dealt with wrist pain in yoga?  How about knee pain in tabletop pose?  Or maybe you’re SO close to touching your heels to your mat in down dog, but you’re not quite there?  You might be the perfect candidate for adding a yoga wedge into your practice!


Check out these fun props at the Backwards Yoga studio that might be the missing piece to furthering your yoga practice!  Whether its providing more cushion, a better angle for your wrists, a leg up in down dog, or many other variations- the foam wedge might be your answer.  We LOVE props like blocks & straps- but the foam wedge cannot be substituted with anything else.  It is a total GAME CHANGER for those of you who might feel stuck due to a setback like wrist pain.  These are safe & effective tools to incorporate into your yoga practice.


Get on your mat today & namaste!