My first class as a teacher!

So, I’ve been doing the whole teacher training thing since October.  Of course we’ve taken turns “teaching” to each other and I perform enough that I’m past the whole “my voice sounds weird” stage of public speaking and now I’m more concerned about the content falling out of my mouth.  Tuesday night I taught my first official class.. as in people paid good money to be here type class.  I was super nervous- at first I thought no one would come, then a whole bunch of people showed up, then I had five brand new yogis, then I felt like running out of the studio!  But for real.. it was amazing.

Most everything I had written on my notes I either forgot or didn’t apply to the people that were in the room.. I wasn’t going to throw them into half moon during their first class!  Plus my mom and dad came.. they were already “concerned” about the 105 degree room… let alone trying any pose that was too intimidating.  We all got through it together and much like when I’m taking a class- my favorite part was feeling the energy in the room become new again.

There were 12 of us in there including me and its amazing to think of all the life experiences that we shared and had unique to each one of us.  We all have different bodies, different needs, different pasts, and wanted to get something different out of class.  I think that will continue to be one of the most difficult parts of teaching- giving so many different people enough of what they need that they feel fulfillment from coming to my class.  By the end we were all sweating- but not dying- which is always a good balance to find.  We breathed together in child’s pose and it really felt like we were all one.  Sounds a bit far-fetched, but this is yoga after-all.

After handling that first class and hearing that everyone enjoyed it- I feel ready for anything.  I don’t think I’ll be afraid to ask “any requests?” like I need to keep my eyes glued to my notes.  I hope to keep expanding my knowledge so that when someone has something specific- like say a piriformis muscle that’s acting up… I feel confident on building a sequence to help them.  Even if that means figuring it out on the fly.  That being said, come try it out with me folks!  I’ll be teaching every Monday 6:30-7:30pm, Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm, and rotating through some other times as well (like this Friday 5:30-6:15am).  I also need some teaching hours outside of the studio for my teacher training (8 more to be exact) so I’ll be accepting some small group sessions given to you in your home for FREE!  Feel free to talk to me at the studio or message me through Facebook if you’d be interested in having me teach an hour for you and friends all for free- we can work on anything you need!

Namaste, Angela


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