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August 2019

Yoga- its not just for women!

By Life Inspiration from a Yogi

It comes as no surprise that most of our classes are filled by women, BUT we are so grateful to see more & more men enjoying yoga & barre the studio!  We wanted to dedicate this blog to the dudes of Backwards Yoga- we take it as a huge compliment that men & women of all ages feel at home in the studio.  Many of the men who come into the studio are working on life balance (aren’t we all?!) with other workouts & stressors.  We all feel life’s tension manifest as stiffness in the body, lack of focus, and loss of awareness as to how we’re actually feeling.  Many guys shy away from “feelings” chat, but we see it as another facet of our health that we’re proud to offer a space in which anyone can explore.

Yoga has benefits for every body and helps us keep our muscles & minds healthy.  Some of our male yogis have tough workout routines that include running, cross-fit, weight lifting, martial arts, etc. and use yoga as a way to give back to their muscles after building up strength.  Keeping a balance in our body between flexibility & strength means less injuries/time off/loss of progress during other workout routines.  As with our ladies- many of the guys use yoga as a stress-reliever and time for themselves (yes, dudes need self-care too!).  Keeping the peace at home & within ourselves means taking the time to fill our cup before we’re expected to “pour” into other people throughout the week.

No matter if you’re a weekly yoga attendee, daily practitioner, or anywhere in-between- you can expect to be embraced for who you are at Backwards Yoga.  We’re here to help you reach your unique goals within your individual body.  Each class holds opportunities for your personal growth & we’re proud to offer that to everyone!